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For information about the Bijlmer Euro Project please contact Christian Nold or Imagine IC

Christian Nold is the artist and concept initiator. Get in touch with him if you are interested in the idea of the alternative currency and want to know more. Contact Christian if you would like an interview in English.

Christian Nold
christian [at]
Softhook website

For Dutch press enquires please contact:

Imagine IC
Bijlmerplein 1006 – 1008
1102 ML Amsterdam

tel: 020 489 48 66

ask for: Nadine ‘t Zand or Astrid ten Siethoff

Soon you will be able to download the leaflets, map of Bijlmer Euro shops as well as Bijlmer Euro posters. When the project is complete you will also be able to download the final book documenting the project which will be released under a Creative Commons Licence.

Bijlmer Euro Leaflet
Bijlmer Euro Shop Poster
Bijlmer Euro Map
Bijlmer Euro Book


Imagine IC is a foundation for the visualisation of contemporary culture and diversity. Also known as Bijlmer, this part of the city is a microcosm of today’s global society, counting over a hundred different nationalities.

Imagine IC collects stories and exhibits visual presentations of contemporary migration and multiculturality, adding them to a public database. Over the years this database has developed into a virtual collection containing a range of projects focusing on historical and contemporary heritage. In the current European political climate it is important to emphasise the complexity of a multicultural society. Representation of the different dimensions of people’s personal identities and perceptions is necessary. Imagine IC makes this possible by showing new perspectives on common emotions, experiences and shared interests.

An impression of the projects and events launched by Imagine IC and future projects can be found at our website! You can also visit us at:

Imagine IC
Bijlmerplein 1006-1008
1102 ML Amsterdam
Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00 – 17:00
Thursdays: 11:00 – 21:00
Admission exposition: FREE