Bijlmer Euro Network

The Bijlmer is known for its cultural diversity with over a hundred different nationalities & cultural communities. To highlight this broad diversity and to deliberately involve a variety of groups, the project is supported by a range of social organisations from Amsterdam South-east. From these organisations a group of 3-5 people will be selected to form the first users of the Bijlmer Euro. They will purchase goods with the local currency and report back on their experiences. We will be interviewing these people about the project and giving them a voice in the debate events. Their photos and thoughts will be published along with their favourite local shops and events.

Become an ambassador!
Imagine IC is still looking for people who live in the Bijlmer or Amsterdam South East. We are curious about your stories, opinions and would like to document them for the Bijlmer Euro Project.

Are you interested in being a Bijlmer Euro Ambassador?
Please contact Imagine IC or stop by at our office at Bijlmerplein!

Keep watching the website! Photo’s and more background on the Bijlmer Euro Network will be published soon.